Jesse Morelock

Jesse Morelock


Jesse Morelock is an accomplished RN with extensive experience in all facets of nursing.

He began working nights as a CNA while attending nursing school in 2006. After

graduation, he joined the Oncology unit at Bloomington Hospital (Indiana) where he had

been employed during his nursing school tenure. After getting his feet wet as a charge

nurse, Jesse sought a new challenge at a Level 1 trauma center at the University of New

Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, spending nearly three years as a member of the

neuro-trauma team.

Jesse then worked in a medical/surgical Intensive Care Unit in Eugene, Oregon with some

of emergency medicine’s most challenging situations: motor vehicle crashes, domestic

violence, gang violence and work-related accidents, among others. He also worked with the

hospital-wide rapid response team assisting in the escalation of care for unstable patients.

He continued with management as a charge nurse in the ICU, and later as the co-chair for

the council of ICU nurses in the Peace Health organization, developing and leading multiple

projects while overseeing his department.

In 2014 Jesse founded a monthly forum in continuing education for the purpose of

enhancing nursing skills and improving nurse/physician relationships.

Jesse moved to Tucson, Arizona in the fall of 2018, one year before Covid appeared,

precipitating immense change in life in general and medicine in particular: (and like many

had to confront the rapidly changing environment of medicine, and the world as we know it,

he wrote) “I initially provided IV therapy to the Tucson community part-time in addition to my

work at the hospital, quickly realizing the enormous impact of these therapeutics and the

importance of making them available. We can offer attention and care that is not possible in

a hospital setting while literally saving people thousands of dollars in ER costs.” Advanced

IV Health offers a service that optimizes health and empowers people through direct

healthcare options that are potentially life-saving and life-changing.

In March of 2019 (?), Jesse was instrumental in expanding mobile IV services to the greater

Tucson area and eventually created Advanced IV Health. We are a group of professionals

which includes the Physician/Medical Director and a team of nurses who are proud to serve

the residents of Pima and surrounding counties.