Cellular Regeneration & Health Opimization Packages

Cellular Regeneration & Health Opimization Packages

We at Advanced IV Health are most excited and proud to be able to offer what we & many doctors, researchers & practitioners are observing to be life changing therapies. Today, more than any point in history, we are bombarded with environmental factors and an overwhelming amount of external stimuli that does damage to our cognition, physical health and longevity.

With our Ozone, UV, Methyl Blue & NAD protocols you have access to the “Biohacking” that was until recently available to only a select few. If you are interested in addressing autoimmune diseases, mold, candida, arthritis, deep recovery & anti-aging, ask about our packages & monthly memberships. 

All of our premium regeneration and optimization packages begin with a series of treatments that researchers call a “loading phase”. In order to address debilitating health issues and facilitate deep healing, we first introduce an Ozone & UV light therapy protocol that’s designed to cleanse your blood & have a deep effect on your organs and hormones. 

This alone is a highly effective therapy. Post loading phase we offer special membership options that allow the patient a highly effective maintenance program. In addition to our Ozone/UV packages, we offer the potential of nervous system and cellular regeneration with our NAD & Methyl-Blue treatments. These monthly memberships also begin with a loading phase and then continue with a maintenance program.

Increasing evidence based studies are showing potentially life changing results when these treatments are used together. We at Advanced IV Health are on the cutting edge of these health solutions.

Ozone & UV Light Packages

A package can be bought on its own seperate from the monthly discount. Monthly discounts require quarterly membership.

Bronze Package

3 weeks or less initial loading phase of:

5 treatments for $1500 (a $300 savings)

then $250 for monthly or $275 Bimonthly

(4month commitment)

($500 total savings)

Silver Package

4 weeks or less initial loading phase of:

8 Treatments for $2000 (a $400 savings)

Then $235 monthly or $260 bi-monthly

(4 month commitment)

($660 total savings)

Gold Package

Initial loading phase of 5 weeks or less

10 Treatments for $2400 ($600 savings)

Then $220 monthly

(6 month commitment)

Couples Therapy

Book as a couple and receive an extra 10% off

Silver & Bronze packages

15% off our Gold package