Depression & PTSD Therapy

Depression & PTSD Therapy

What is Ketamine?

Generationally speaking western society has entered an era that we have no precedence or reference point for. As medicine progresses overall life expectancy has gone up, while quality of life seems to be deteriorating. As a society we are medicated at unprecedented levels, with some studies suggesting that 100 million Americans use SSRI’s or SNRI’s. We believe that this normalization of collective trauma is not to be swept under the rug and managed, but identified understood and treated. This collective trauma of our modern society is thus expressed through the individual, and this is where we at Advanced IV Health can help.

Ketamine began as phencyclidine in the mid 1950’s. After several years of research it emerged in it’s current form. Ketamine’s first clinical trials in the early 1960’s were performed at The University of Michigan and focused on it’s anesthetic potential. In 1966 the first extensive human study was published, and in 1970 the FDA approved its use. Anesthesiologists have extensively used ketamine in the OR since and it is considered exceptionally safe.

There are rumours that ketamine was experimented with while dealing with the severe PTSD of soldiers coping with the decimation of their psyche’s in Vietnam, and it is acknowledged as having been used with success for a number of soldiers who served in Iraq in the 90’s. The first published study on ketamine’s antidepressant application was in 2000 coming out of Yale’s School of Medicine. One of the findings showed that just one sub-anesthetic dose could improve depression—and not just improve symptoms but in a smaller % of people lead to almost complete recovery, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

Today there is an explosion of research around ketamine and its successful outcomes when treating severe PTSD as well as what is now accepted as “common depression” (we don’t agree that any form of chronic depression is normal). Studies show that Ketamine alters the neuromodulation of various neurotransmitter systems. Ketamine shows great promise and is perhaps the most important NMDA receptor-modulating treatment for depression. Our ketamine treatment protocols (based on medical recommendations) have a 70-75% success rate in treatment outcomes.

Here at Advanced IV Health we fell blessed to have personally heard some amazing first hand accounts of its healing potential from many good people struggling to break free of the patterns that cripple us while fighting cellular trauma.

In addition, our Medical Director Melissa Koon is a dedicated end of life practitioner and has extensive experience using ketamine to aid the delicate process of potential pain and transition.

How often?

We believe one of the goals of integrated healing is to not need medication to function. Our protocol is an initial 4-6 treatments generally done twice per week, and then occasional treatments when needed. Our treatments are delivered through IV while relaxing in the safety of our private Ketamine room. We no not advocate for sprays or self medicating, as we believe that this works against the potential healing & integration of our protocols.

If you are someone just beginning to address addiction or sobriety Advanced IV Health is not your best option to start with. Once established in recovery we may be able to offer support but initially we have several healthcare professionals we can refer you to.

Our Ketamine treatment requires an intake form/approval prior to treatment.

Ketamine Package:

6 treatments administered over the course of 3 weeks

$1800 then $275 per treatment as needed for 1 year (up to 6 treatments)

Single treatment $350

(Recommended for those who have used Ketamine in a clinical setting prior to visiting Advanced IV Health)

6 treatment Package