Ultraviolet Blood Therapy Only

Ultraviolet Blood Therapy Only

Ultraviolet Light Therapy (UBI) is a process of passing the ozone-infused blood under ultraviolet rays with special medical bulbs and tubing, after which the blood is returned to the bloodstream through an IV drip. It has been proven that ultraviolet light kills germs and bacteria. 

UV Light treatments increase the biological activity of the blood cells thereby strengthening the immune system, as well as helping to eradicate bacteria, viruses, fungi, candida and mold. 

By restoring oxygen levels, we can increase vitality, balance hormones, improve blood flow, oxidize pain receptors to reduce pain, and slow the aging process. 

Although not as popular in the United States, ultraviolet light therapy has been used effectively for decades in many countries around the world. UV light kills germs and bacteria, helping cleanse the blood of impurities which may be affecting your health. 

In today’s world of supergerms & variants these therapies are becoming increasingly useful in prevention and maintenance of health.