Melissa Koon
Medical Director NP

Melissa Koon, NP, is a family nurse practitioner and excels at communicating with patients no matter who they are: young or old, urban or rural. Melissa has had the unique experience to work across the US with patients from infancy to geriatric. She has over 20 years of nursing experience and 15 years of education in nursing science and research.

She has experience with both traditional and alternative palliative therapies. Melissa spent the last 10 years working on her dual doctorate degree with a focus in multimodal therapy interventions to target neuropsychiatric symptoms in neurocognitive disorders.

She has received the following accolades throughout her career: the Golden Heart award in Fairbanks, AK for community outreach and Tucson’s Top 50 nurses of 2020. 

She has been the guest speaker for multiple community events on the topics of Ketamine Use and Nonpharmological Interventions for behavorial symptoms in dementia care. Her research on Ketamine use at the end of life is published and was presented nationally at the Hospice and Palliative Care Conference in 2017.