Extracorporeal Oxygenation & Ozoniation

Extracorporeal Oxygenation & Ozoniation

EBOO is the most advanced form of Autohemotherapy in history. 

Autohemotherapy has been used for 40 years and is exceedingly safe and effective. The treatment is a 25-50 min process where the patient is connected to the machine via 2 veins (send & return). It is more efficient than a traditional Ozone treatments because the blood stays within the dialysis circuit. Our EBOO machine allows the patient to have about 2 litres of blood treated per session (an incredible volume). Because of this, the treatment works in your body for a longer period (up to 10 weeks). Standard packages begin with as few as 2 treatments but can be as many as 14 weeks of treatment for acute illness. How will I feel? After the first treatment most patients report what a great sleep they have along with an initial reduction in joint pain (which continues to improve through weekly sessions)

EBOO is the most advanced form of blood cleansing and regeneration available in the world today. There are less than 100 machines worldwide and we at Advanced IV Health are extremely proud to be one of a few dozen providers in the continental US. It is essentially a dialysis machine that filters out toxins, metals, & pollutants. Blood cells pass through the filtration process and are hyper-oxygenated (O3). Before the blood is reintroduced it is then exposed to UV as a final stage of cleansing prior to being reintroduced to the body. Combining this therapy with NAD is highly recommended and potentially life-changing.

A growing body of research shows EBOO is effective in killing viruses, removing bacteria & eliminating toxicity, such as the bombardment of environmental toxins (metals, pesticides, fluoride, EMT poisoning etc). In the modern world we are all dealing with varying degrees of exposure from our food, air, & water.

EBOO has been shown to be effective in Pain Management and Autoimmune Disorders. Athletes, executives & entertainers effectively use EBOO as recovery and prevention, in their efforts to maintain optimum health and performance.

  • Disorders that are known to respond to EBOO treatment:
  • Joint Pain (Knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, elbows, feet, fingers and toes)
  • Inflammatory disorders (arthritis, bursitis, nephritis, pancreatitis, cystitis, GI tract inflammation etc.)
  • Autoimmune Disorders such as: MS, Lyme, Mono & Epstein-Barr, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia etc.
  • Skin lesions,
  • Skin disorders, yeast infections
  • Eye diseases
  • Recurring respiratory
  • Infections
  • Long Haul 19
  • Heavy Metals
  • Fungal infection
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mold

Special 2023 EBOO Packages:

We want to pass our excitement on to our customers who are helping us grow into Arizona’s Premier Health Provider.

For 2023 we will offer our EBOO Packages for 1/2 the cost of the national average.

Bronze Package: 2 sessions for $1800

Recommended for those looking to optimize health who have no serious symptoms other than normal day-to-day inflammation. Will enhance awareness, clean the blood from toxins and give an overall boost in energy and mental clarity & enhance quality of sleep.

Silver Package: 3 sessions for $2500

Recommended for those seeking to cleanse toxins, heavy metals, & pesticides. Are you dealing with inflammation or GI tract issues? Adrenal fatigue or residual Epstein-Barr? Long form 19 struggles? This package will get you well.

Gold Package: 5 sessions for $3900

Joint pain, arthritis, chronic inflammation, diminished cognition, mold, candida, auto-immune disorders and serious issues that have been resistant to pharmaceutical interventions. This package will help change your life and bring you back to the participation you so miss.

For the most acute and serious chronic conditions we offer a 3-month 12-15 treatments protocol. Please call us for more information.

EBOO + NAD Regenerative protocols: