Our Ultimate Regenerative Protocol: UV+ Ozone+NAD+Methyl-Blue

Our Ultimate Regenerative Protocol: UV+ Ozone+NAD+Methyl-Blue

Our Ultimate Healing & Anti-Aging Protocol

3-5 Treatments of EBOO + NAD + High Dose intravenous C + Methyl-Blue

All of our "Ultimate" packages use 5 rounds of EBOO as the cornerstone of this protocol. From this foundation we tailor the treatment to the patient carefully considering symptoms and the severity of their condition. While each individual is unique, we are also able to draw from the commonalities that characterize all autoimmune conditions. We will work with you to help navigate your challenges as we apply all we have learned from others health journeys.

Our 3 treatment pack includes 3 EBOO treatments and a combination of 3 other treatments of NAD, High Dose C & Methyl-Blue (amounts will determine total cost)

Starting at $3600

Our 5 treatment Pack includes 5 EBOO treatments combined with 5 other maximum high dose sessions as determined through careful consideration of the individuals condition and symptoms.


We at Advanced IV Health are excited and proud to be able to offer what we and many doctors, researchers, and practitioners are observing to be life changing therapies.  

Today, more than any point in history, we are bombarded with environmental factors and an overwhelming amount of external stimuli that does damage to our cognition, physical health and longevity.

With our Ozone, UV, Methyl Blue & NAD protocols you have access to the “Biohacking” that was until recently available to only a select few. If you are interested in addressing autoimmune diseases, mold, candida, arthritis, deep recovery & anti-aging, ask about our packages and get back to your best self. All of our premium regeneration and optimization packages begin with a series of treatments that researchers call a “loading phase”. 

In order to address debilitating health issues and facilitate deep healing, we first introduce our EBOO (see our EBOO link) protocol that’s designed to cleanse your blood & have a deep effect on your organs and hormones. This alone is a highly effective therapy but for our deep healing and regeneration packages we don't stop there Post loading phase we offer a combination of high-dose intravenous C, NAD, & Methyl-Blue. Along with these potent therapies we believe strongly in amino-acid loading when the body in in its most receptive state. At the cornerstone of these proteins is Glutathione, Arginine & Ornithine. Along with evidence based studies done individually on each of these protocols, we have witnessed first hand the power of combining these modalities to create what we the Ultimate Healing Package.