Methylene Blue (Blue Moon)

Methylene Blue (Blue Moon)

100mg NAD+ - $300
250mg NAD+ - $400
500mg NAD+ - $600

Methylene Blue (Methylthioninium chloride) is a bioactive substance that has been used for decades to treat many conditions, including malaria, Lyme’s disease, parasites, sepsis, MRSA, Alzheimer’s, and more. 

More recently, researchers have found that Methylene Blue enhances mitochondrial function while also diminishing the production of proteins linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia, which start accumulating years before symptoms manifest.

For anyone experiencing brain fog, memory impairment or cognitive issues, Methylene Blue can be administered as a stand-alone drip or combined with another package.

Works synergistically with NAD+ for Brain Restoration

Benefits of Methylene Blue

  • Improves cognition and memory formation
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Malaria
  • Parasites
  • Cancer